Annual Research Initiative Support

EGRAPA is excited to introduce a new initiative aimed at fostering research and providing financial support for an annual research endeavor. Beginning in 2024, EGRAPA will allocate resources to facilitate an activity focused on promoting research and/or practical applications related to physical activity in older adults. We encourage EGRAPA members to unleash their creativity and apply for this unique opportunity.

In 2024, we will provide funding of up to €3,000 for the selected activity. The selection criteria will encompass the following aspects:


·       Membership in EGRAPA

·       Content quality

·       Relevance of the proposed topic

·       Potential to reach a broader audience

·       Feasibility of the proposed project

·       Budget considerations (value for money)


Eligible participants for this initiative include researchers (including PhD or post-doctoral students) and practitioners in public health organizations.

EGRAPA members are encouraged to submit their proposals from 1st of January for the 2024 activity. Please submit a 1-2 page document describing your proposed activity (including a time plan and a budget plan) to The activity has to be finalized by 31st December 2024 and a final report has to be submitted to within one month after finalization.