Mission Statement

EGRAPA – a non-profit, non-governmental association (NGO), was born from the premise that the field of "Aging and Physical Activity” is an interdisciplinary field of study which involves professionals and researchers from very diverse areas. These areas include Medicine, Biology, Education and Health Care Services. Among the diverse disciplines we could cite Epidemiology, Exercise Physiology, Geriatrics, Gerontology, Healthy Education, Nutrition, Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Rehabilitation and Sociology.  

EGRAPA provides a platform for researchers to exchange ideas and cooperate in joint projects. It also serves as a leader in creating expert opinions and broadening knowledge in the field of physical activity and aging. Interaction is a condition to make progress in this field. EGRAPA is a scientific organization that is opened to work and co-operate with other organizations with common interests.  

One of the key activities of EGRAPA is the establishment of a scientific journal focusing on aging and physical activity. EURAPA - European Review of Aging and Physical Activity, published by BMC and Springer, is the official publication of EGRAPA. It fills an important niche in the study of physical activity in advanced age.

The objectives of EGRAPA are:

  • To promote research in physical activity, aging and health.
  • To diffuse this knowledge for the public good.

The functions of EGRAPA are:

  • To serve as a coordinating and counseling agency
  • To plan and direct scientific and educational meetings
  • To publish and distribute new knowledge