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EGRAPA President Letter

You have access to the EGRAPA President Letter here: EGRAPA President letter_20231126 (2).pdf



Physical activity represents a cornerstone in health, functioning and well-being in advanced age. Among the rapidly growing population of older people, the benefits of physical activity are diverse, spanning numerous domains of physical health and well-being, medical morbidity and mortality, functional, cognitive, affective and social status, as well as a wider influence on health care utilization and expenditure. Conversely, sedentary behavior is associated with increased risk of chronic and disabling diseases. However, many questions regarding physical activity in old age remain unanswered. These questions encompass basic philosophical issues related to aging and/or movement, questions seeking to examine the underpinnings of movement on the molecular and cellular level and specific questions related to unique aspects of physical activity and movement in advanced age such as the heterogeneity in the aging process, heterogeneity in assessment tools, and applying technological innovations to promote and monitor physical activity.  

EGRAPA – The European Group for Research on Aging and Physical Activity has taken the role of promoting research to answer these questions.